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DJ Service in Lake Charles
Mobile Sounds Primary Goal
"Is to Provide Outstanding Service"
Every successful company strives to provide all of their customers with excellent service and that is exactly why Mobile Sounds has been so successful since the creation of this company in 2003.

A company's true value to the community can be easily measured by the recommendations of their peers. Take a few minutes and review the great endorsements that have been provided by local business owners after working with Mobile Sounds.
DJ Service in Lake Charles
"Great Testimonials From the Pros"
Music is a powerful part of a wedding. I encourage all of my brides to find a DJ that's flexible to their style and will create the mood that they desire. Mobile Sounds will make a noticeable difference with their professionalism and flexibility while keeping the party going!

From: Laura Kelley...
Mobile Sounds always brings excitement and energy to an event. They become part of the wedding. Dustin Landry and his team are always ready to get the party going. You can count on them!

From: Beth Dawdy...
Mobile Sounds is an amazing asset to any wedding and the only company that I recommend! These guys are genuine, easy to work with, always organized and on top of their game.

From: Joscelyn Langley...
Mobile Sounds is always dependable and professional. They always put the customer first and that's why they are on our preferred vendors list.

From: Mari Bittner...
Working with great vendors makes a wedding run smoothly and there is none better than Mobile Sounds. They have the best personnel, playlists and equipment in the area!

From: Jenny Bono...
Mobile Sounds is awesome to work with! They master keeping the flow of the reception, ask for input on things as well as being informative of upcoming formalities. I recommend them to all of my brides!

From: Lorri Dailey...
When you schedule Mobile Sounds, you can rest assured that they will be ready to start the party as soon as you arrive and have a great time too!

From: Victor Monsour...
Reliable and professional... Mobile Sounds always delivers!

From: Ryan Reeves...
Professional, fun, punctual, personable, talented and reputable. In other words... totally awesome!!!

From: Christina Louvierre...
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